Above and Beyond

We take our home inspections to the NEXT LEVEL by using drones for inspections. Our reports feature aerial photos of your house and property. Drones also allow us to inspect inaccessible roof systems that would otherwise be impossible to inspect.

How We Inspect

Home inspection is a nondestructive, visual inspection of accessible components. We will not destroy any parts of the home and cannot inspect components that we can't see. That doesn't stop us from going above and beyond. Ladders and drones allow us to thoroughly inspect roof elements that are not visible from the ground. Infrared thermal imaging cameras allow us to see heat in areas where it shouldn't be. Voltage, GFCI and receptacle testers allow us to detect electrical issues that otherwise would not be discoverable. These are only a few examples of how we take home inspection to the NEXT LEVEL. We take pride in utilizing the most effective, accurate and innovative tools available. We don't believe in shortcuts when it comes to your safety.